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Tri på Tyren (Literally “Triathlon on the Bull” – “Tyren” (the bull) being a nickname for a famous bike course in the north of Sjælland) is a triathlon event with the swimming part in Bastrup Lake.

The race is divided into two kinds of races:

  • Triathlon for everyone (375 m Swim, 23,2 km Bike, 5 km Run) – Tri-licens not required.
  • Time trial Sprint Triahlon – Tri-licens required

Time Trial Sprint Triathlon for athletes who hold a triathlon licence from their national triathlon organization. If you want to participate in this event you will have to forward a copy of your triathlon licence card or equivalent to the event office 2 weeks in advance. A danish one day event-licence can bee bought, contact event office.

The sign up process is only in Danish, so non-Danish speakers can send an e-mail to the Event office (use contact form top right in the menu) and ask for permission to pay in cash (Danish Kroner) at check-in at the event office on raceday.

Event details
Event name:
Tri på Tyren
Distance: 750 m swim – 23,2 km bike – 5 km run
Date: Saturday May 20th, 2017
Race start time:
09:00+ Triathlon for everyone
11.00+ Time Trial Sprint Triathlon – individual start. Startlist will be published a couple of days before the race.
Timing: Loan timing chip will be handed out and MUST to be returned after the race
Event address: Stengårdsvej, 3540 Lynge
Event description: The swimming part will take place in Bastrup Lake on a triagular course of 375/750 m. Wetsuit is mandatory for temperatures below 16 degrees Celcius. Optional from 16 degr. C to 21 degr. C and prohibited from 22 degr. C.Bike course is a circular route of 11,6 km and must be raced once (11,6 km) or twice (23,2 km). The bike course is not closed for traffic. All turns are right hand turns. The bike part og the time trial race is non-draft (10 m rule). The run course is 5 km (4x 1.250m) on a closed path along the Bastrup Lake.
Price money For 1 – 3 overall in male and female: DKK 5000- DKK 3000- DKK 2000 – Bonus for course record M/K kr. 2500 DKK.
Event arranged by:
Ganløse Tri-Center
Contact event office by email:
Please refer to our ticket system
Participation fee
  • Aspirant (12-13 Y)/Youth A (14-15 Y): kr. 175
  • Youth B (16-17 Y): kr. 250
  • Junior (18-19 Y): kr. 350
  • U23 (20-23 Y): kr. 475
  • Elite (24-99 Y): kr. 475
  • AgeGroup (18-99 Y): kr. 475

Max 800 slots in all are sold.

Sign-up deadline: May 13,  2017 at 23:59 or when sold out

Google map of the event (Danish annotations):

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